Know About The Change In Parenting Styles With Time

If you have talked to your parents about their childhood and how they were brought up, you must have realized a vast difference between their upbringing and yours. With the change in generation, parenting styles of people have also evolved. Some parents who are extremely busy or who live in a location where academic facilities are not good to have also started sending their kids to a boarding school.

Here, children live in hostels and nannies, and the hostel teachers then take responsibility for taking care of the child. This way, a child becomes more independent and disciplined.  



Parents are more open-minded and understanding:

The parent-child relationship has always been very special, and no one can compare to the closeness and the bond shared between a child and a parent. But with time, this bond has gotten stronger; nowadays, the relationship between a parent and a child is more like friendship. Parents have become more open-minded and understanding; thus, children now share everything with their parents as they share with a friend. This does not mean that their parents’ respect has lessened but just that another dynamic has been added to their relationship.

This is very different from earlier times when the relationship between parents and children used to be very formal, especially that of a father and a child. But with the change in time, parents and children have gotten closer, and thus children obey their parents’ wishes more effectively now as they both share an understanding.

Even if they both do not share the same perspective on things, they will try to understand the other by looking at things from their perspective instead of being stubborn. Sometimes, parents can also check parenting tips & tricks online or from books to help connect better with their kids.


Over concerned about the health:

Parents have now become overly concerned and protective when it comes to their child’s health. In our grandparents’ time, their parents used to be concerned, of course, but then even when the child is sick, they just used to give him some home remedy and tell him to rest for a few hours. But now, parents rush their children to get checkups for even the smallest things like a cold or a cough. Home remedies are rarely utilized now, and doctors’ medicines are the only source of trust for parents.

Earlier, children were encouraged to play, with the sun shining on their backs and fresh air surrounding them. Children used to stay out all day, especially in summers as summer without scorching heat, melting ice creams, sticky hands, and playing volleyball and cricket the whole day. But parents now fuss about what this heat would do to their children’s health and not encourage their children to stay out more than a few hours. They have become too overprotective over the safety of their children.

Therefore, we can safely say that the whole world is changing with time; parenting styles are also changing. There are a few better styles then, and there are other styles that are much suited now because of the progress this world has made. However, the parenting style may be that the parent’s love and care for their child will always be the same.

Know About The Change In Parenting Styles With Time
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