The Academy of Korean Studies

The Academy of Korean Studies was established thirty years ago to revitalize the field of Korean Studies by conducting in-depth research and offering education on related subjects. The first and foremost goal of the Academy of Korean Studies, in its new chapter of its history, is to more actively exchange with academia, both in Korea and overseas making the Academy of Korean Studies a research institution indispensable to Korean academia and a favorite haunt for international Korean Studies specialists. The Academy’s long-term objective is to lead to an accurate understanding of Korean accomplishments in humanities and social science research, by academia worldwide, and to raise the research standards in the field of Korean Studies by actively supporting related academic projects and initiatives.
Website: http://intl.aks.ac.kr/english/

Northeast Asian History Foundation

The Northeast Asian History Foundation was established in September 2006 with the goal of laying the basis for peace and prosperity in East Asia by resolving historical conflicts in the region. As regionalism intensifies across the globe, the importance of exchange and cooperation is also growing for Northeast Asian nations. Nevertheless, unresolved historical and territorial issues are obstacles to the region’s trust-building efforts. The Foundation strives to diagnose the precise causes of the region’s historical and territorial disputes and prescribe appropriate responses and strategies. We are steadfast in our efforts to expand historical dialogues to foster mutual understanding and growth in Northeast Asia.
Website: http://www.historyfoundation.or.kr/eng/