Choose the Right Sets in Digital Marketing

Choose the Right Sets in Digital Marketing

At this stage it is important to understand the difference between the various social networks so that we can use them as much as possible in our favor. Facebook, for example, could be the place to give space to the story digital marketing agency, to dialogue with users, to the promotion of services also through advertising. Instagram, on the other hand, is the social media of images par excellence, green light for well-made, bright photos that really tell the reality of our structure and convey the atmosphere you breathe during your stay. The right setup of digital marketing makes it done.

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The golden rules for social communication

Some golden rules, however, apply to all communications on social media:

First of all, pay attention to the proportion between the types of content: being too promotional is harmful best digital marketing Malaysia, better to maintain a ratio of 80% of story posts and 20% of commercial posts .

Videos and images must always be cured, no approximation;

Pay attention to interactions: 

  • Talking with users, even when they write negative reviews, can transform them from disgruntled customers into real brand ambassadors.
  • The profiles must be complete with all relevant information, including address, phone number, opening hours and everything you need to reach you.

Exploiting user-generated content generates a double advantage:

Taking their point of view, which may be different from yours, and rewarding them by giving them visibility?

SEO and SEM: how to work on Google

In addition to social media, speaking of web marketing for hotels, it is essential to keep in mind another major player: Google.

Technically SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and indicates that part of tourist web marketing that aims to direct users to a site using paid campaigns on Google while SEO – Search Engine Optimization, deals with positioning in an organic way, that is without adv. These two tools work very well in synergy, but it is important to understand how to make them work together.

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First of all, we start from the keyword map: 

A good mix between generic keywords of the sector and more specific keywords inherent to the peculiarities of the structure is ideal for a good positioning on the main search engine. There are several means to create a complete and effective keyword map, also comparing the keywords used by competitors. Google itself provides a tool that is Google Trends. 

Once we have our keyword map available we can proceed to optimize page tags, meta tags and meta description.

At this point we can think about an adversiting strategy on Google that aims to bring traffic to some key pages of our site through which the user can easily get to the reservation.

And once customers land on our hotel site?

Once customers have landed on our site, the goal is to convert visits into bookings. In this step the fundamental role will be played by the booking engine, which must be able to complete the booking process in a few steps. First of all, the booking engine must be integrated into the property’s site through a very effective call to action. The booking engine must allow you to complete the booking process in a simple way, immediately providing basic information about the hotel such as room availability and active promotions.


Another important aspect is related to payment systems. The ideal booking engine allows the user to pay with as many methods as possible and above all respects the highest standards of transaction security. But above all, the advantages must be made evident to visitors who choose to book directly with you, so as to increase the conversion rate and customer loyalty.

Choose the Right Sets in Digital Marketing
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