A street scene in Jeonju, South Korea. The city is seen as a sort of guardian of Korean cultural, historical and culinary traditions.

A South Korean City Full of Food, History and Bargains

By Seth Kugel There are two phrases to learn if you visit Jeonju, a 650,000-person city – and a paradise for Korean food-lovers — three hours by bus south of Seoul. First is “Hyundai-ok odi innayo?” — “Where is Hyundai-ok?” – a reference to a tiny restaurant famed for its kongnamul guk, or bean sprout soup, … Read more

‘Gangnam Style’ lures tourists to South Korea.

Viral hit a success for South Korea

South Korean tourism took a giant leap in 2012, thanks to the popular antics of one-hit-wonder PSY. The South Korean-born pop star took the world by storm with his globally infectious hit ‘Gangnam Style’ and his hometown has reaped the benefits, welcoming 11.1 million visitors in 2012, VOA News reported. South Korea’s Culture Ministry said … Read more

Tourists and monks meditate at Mihwangsa temple south of Seoul. Picture: AFP/Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism

Temple stays in South Korea toughen tourists

As a paying guest at Mihwangsa, there’s no need to book a morning wake-up call. It’s provided well before sunrise, at 4 am to be precise… and it isn’t optional. Instead of a phone call – none of the rooms have phones – guests are roused by a monk walking past their rooms, knocking on … Read more

S. Korea’s top cultural treasure rises from the ashes

S. Korea’s top cultural treasure rises from the ashes

Published November 10, 2012 SEOUL: Five years ago, as he watched TV images of South Korea’s foremost historical treasure being engulfed in flames lit by a lone arsonist, Hong Chang-Won remembers having to turn his head away. “It was too heartbreaking to see such beautiful architecture being destroyed like that,” said Hong, a registered master … Read more

Number of tourists visiting South Korea expected to top 10 million

Number of tourists visiting South Korea expected to top 10 million

Published November 18, 2012 SEOUL, Korea – The number of foreign tourists visiting South Korea this year is expected to top the landmark 10 million later this week for the first time on the back of rising Chinese and Japanese tourists, government data showed Sunday. A total of 8.44 million foreign tourists visited South Korea … Read more