Spotlight Korea Team

Susana Park – Creative Director and President of Spotlight Korea and The Korean American Project.

Susanna is the founder and driving force behind Spotlight Korea and the Korean American Project. She is responsible for providing the creative direction, overseeing fundraising efforts and acting as liaison to both Korea and the Korean American communities.

Susanna is an artist with an MFA from the Pratt Institute. She is the former executive director of the Korean Academy for Educators. Susanna was born in the Navy town of Jin-Hae, South Korea, in 1961. Her family moved to Seoul when she was three, and ten years later immigrated to the United States in 1974.

As a Korean-American still closely connected to her ancestral home, she wanted to share Korea with her adopted nation. Yet, despite the fact that Korea has an ancient culture older than the pyramids, and despite the fact that Korea today is a global leader in technologies used for the information, space, automotive, and robotics industries, the country is largely absent from educational curricula throughout the United States.

Enhancing the presence of Korea and Korean history, art, literature, and culture in US primary and secondary schools has become her mission. Spotlight Korea will also shine a spotlight on the stories of Korean-Americans so that the general public can also share them.

Seung-Reul Lyu, Ph.D – Korean History Specialist

As one of the top authorities in the field of Korean History, Professor Lyu has graciously offered to ensure the historical accuracy in all of Spotlight Korea’s curricula for middle and high school students. The professor earned his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D in Korea History from Seoul National University. He is now a professor at the Kangwon National University. He has published many books and articles, as well as served on several committees.

Notably, since 2005 he has been a member of Korean-Japanese Joint Research Committee. He is on the Editorial Board for the Academy for Korean Studies. He has also have been actively working for the Korean History Education Society, first as the Secretary General and now as Vice-President.

He and his wife, who is also an educator, have a son and a daughter.