Letter from Susanna

I was born in the Navy town of Jin-Hae, South Korea, in 1961. My family moved to Seoul when I was three, and ten years later we immigrated to the United States.

This website has been a dream of mine for a long time. As a Korean-American still closely connected to my ancestral home, I want to share Korea with my adopted nation. Despite the fact that Korea has an ancient culture older than the pyramids, and despite the fact that Korea today is a global leader in technologies used for the information, space, automotive, and robotics industries, the country is largely absent from educational curricula throughout the United States.

In a recent poll conducted by a Korean news agency, Americans were asked to play a word-association game. When the word Korea was mentioned, common responses were the Korean War and even Communism. This is not the Korea I know. Enhancing the presence of Korean history, art, literature, and culture in US primary and secondary schools has become my mission. But why stop there? Why not shine a spotlight on the stories of Korean-Americans so that the general public can also share them?

I am so excited to see my dream become a reality, and to share the Korea that I know with the rest of the world. Welcome to Spotlight Korea!

Susanna Park, Founder and President