Welcome to Spotlight Korea, your gateway to Korean history, culture, and art. We have created this site to increase awareness among K-12 children and educators of both the uniqueness of Korean culture and its many ties to the West. Despite the fact that more than 2,300,000 Koreans live in the United States, Korean history and culture is conspicuously absent from most educational curricula. Spotlight Korea seeks to rectify this omission by becoming a multimedia resource for students and educators. We will also provide a platform for Korean Americans to tell their own stories.

Spotlight Korea is a non-profit organization, founded under the auspices of The Korean American Project, to enhance the presence of Korean history, culture, and art in primary and secondary schools throughout the United States. Spotlight Korea will become the only site in the world to focus solely on Korean history, art, literature, and culture while providing interactive children’s activities, lesson plans for educators, and a singular multimedia experience. We aim to share, through East-West cultural dialogues, both the fascinating traditions of ancient Korea and the extraordinary vibrancy of modern Korea.

Our vision is twofold: to enhance the presence of Korean history and culture and the stories of Korean Americans in primary and secondary schools throughout the United States, and to instill a stronger individual and community identity in Korean American children. As the site develops it will include lesson plans and teaching resources for educators, games and interactive features for students, and a variety of journalistic and multimedia content for the general public.

With 5000 years of history, Korea is a complex and fascinating country. It has been shaped by the cultures of neighboring superpowers, including China, Japan, and even Russia, yet it has always maintained an identity of its own—one that has evolved in close connection with the United States and the West during the past 50 years. It is time for Korea to step into the spotlight.