Spotlight Korea Winning Essays

Spotlight Korea is so proud to share the winning essays from our March 1st Movement Essay Contest. The Korean American Project’s 2013 Student Essay Contest asks why the March 1st Movement should be remembered. Korean American students in grades 7-12 were invited to give their opinion as to the impact the movement had on Korean history and the spirit of the Korean people and what lessons were relevant to today. Students were also asked to discuss ways to prevent prejudice, discrimination and violence in today’s world.

Winning Essays

First Prize

Grades 7-9

Kindling the Flame of the Korean Spirit by June Lee

Grades 10-12

Korea’s Road to Peacekeeping by Min Joo Jeong

Second Prize

March 1, 1919: A Day to Remember by Anne Kim

Third Prize

Ordinary People in Extraordinary Circumstances by Andrew Chong

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