Results for Spotlight Korea’s March 1st Movement Essay Contest

The results and in and the winners are decided in Spotlight Korea’s first essay contest. It was exciting to see so many well-written and thoughtful essays from so many young writers.

Judging Criteria

The criteria, by which the essays were measured was the best combination of writing skills, an understanding of the issue, engaging the reader and the ways in which March 1 is relevant now. The essay also needed to capture the sprit of the Korean people that was at the heart of the March 1 Movement.

The Judges

Joshua Grigsby is an independent researcher, writer and writer. He is currently lecturing in urban studies at the University of Vienna in Austria. He is a consultant to Think Korea in the development of curricula on Korea for American high schools.

Susan Wagner is an award winning public relations consultant, writer and non-profit strategist. She is the president of Susan Wagner PR and a managing partner in the Boston Ad Agency. The acting director of The Korean American Project and Spotlight Korea, she is a former contributing editor and feature writer. Susan has had her work published in a number of publications.

An editor and writer for more than 35 years, Mary Ellen Evans has had successful relationships with clients in the education, nonprofit, government, business and manufacturing sectors. Her clients have included such Fortune 500 corporations as Gillette and Verizon. She has visited South Korea, worked for Korean humanitarian efforts and has been a regular contributor to Spotlight Korea.

Susan Wadia-Ells is founding director of the National Breast Cancer Prevention Project and holds a PhD in women’s studies & autobiographical writing. She is a former corporate manager and a former professor/teacher of writing at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is the author of the Busting Breast Cancer: 7 Simple Steps Ebook Series and the contributing editor of The Adoption Reader: Birth Mothers, Adoptive Mothers and Adopted Daughters Tell Their Stories, Seal Press.

Winning Essays

First Prize – $1,000 each

Grades 7-9

Kindling the Flame of the Korean Spirit by June Lee

Grades 10-12

Korea’s Road to Peacekeeping by Min Joo Jeong

Second Prize – $500

March 1, 1919: A Day to Remember by Anne Kim

Third Prize – $250

Ordinary People in Extraordinary Circumstances by Andrew Chong

Honorable Mention

Christopher Kim
Charles Yun
Christina Yun
Grace Kim
JiHwan Choi
Lia Hwang
Min-Kyu Shin
Tayun Park
Jennifer Kim
Yemi Shin

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